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Biodata Dian sastro

Dian sastro actress Jakarta, 16 March 1982 which have a totality of himself for acting and devote all his ability in the arts, in its totality hobby. shows the role of art, Dian Sastro been proved by many movie - great movie .. before his career was how to get it all dian

Paramitha Dian Sastrowardoyo, or better known among the public with the name Dian is a putrid pair Sastro Ariawan Rusdianto Setyorini Sastrowardoyo and Goddess Parvati, while Dian Sastrowardoyo is a grandson of nationalist movement leader Prof. Mr. Sunario Sastrowardoyo. Dian started her career in the entertainment world homeland by becoming a champion in the event GIRL cover in 1996. After that his career climb to claim his first starring Rudi Sujarwo, ie Star Falling (2000). In this debut film from showing in theaters but distributed only indie on campus - the campus and surrounding areas. After that in 2001 both of which starred dian berjudl sand whispers, here dian clashing acting with some top artists diantarnya Zalianty Marcella, Garry Isaac, and Indra Birowo. In this his third movie to which his name was also raised that AADC Indonesian film industry, the film is a new phenomenon in world cinema that time because many people loved this movie .. dian film acting collided with a handsome actor Nicholas Saputra

Biography dian sastro
Full Name: Dian Sastrowardoyo Paramitha
Nickname: Dian Sastrowardoyo
TTL: Jakarta, March 16, 1982
Father Name: Ariawan Rusdianto Sastrowardoyo
Mother Name: Goddess Parvati Setyorini
Last Education: Kindergarten Don Bosco, SD Strada, Junior Tarakanita I, SMA Tarakanita I, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Indonesia
Religion: Islam
Height: 163
Weight: 47
Hobbies: Reading, watching, singing, playing guitar
Favourite movie: AADC, Sand whispered, Purple violet, blue, etc.

Dunia Tanpa Koma
Bukan Kesempatan yang terlewatkan


  • Bintang Jatuh (2000)
  • Pasir Berbisik (2001)
  • Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?(2002)
  • Banyu Biru (2005)
  • Ungu Violet (2005)
  • Belahan Jiwa(2005)
  • 3 doa 3 cinta (2008)
  • Drupadi (2009)
  • Lux
  • Panasonic
  • Vitacimin
  • Sunsilk
  • Sanex
1. Inspiring Women (2005)
2. Aktris Berbakat Festival Film Asia Pasifik Malaysia (2005)
3. Pemeran Utama Wanita Terbaik Festival Film Indonesia (2004‎)
4. Nominasi Aktris terbaik Lucky Strike (2003)
5. Aktris Terbaik Festival Film Asia Perancis (2002
6. Aktris Terbaik Festival Film Internasional Singapura (2002)
7. Aktris Terpuji Festival Film Bandung (2002)
8. Nominator Pemain Terpuji Forum Bandung (2002)
9. Juara I Gadis Sampul (1996)


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