Friday, March 19, 2010

Biodata Mulan Jameela

Sctv music started his career in the world singing as they sang in several local cafe bandung and jakarta. Mulan also has joined in several bands such as Swara Coustic, Bandung All Star and the Dimension Band. Mulan became famous and skyrocketed when joined with the Queen with Maia Estianty. Mulan Jameela been a Honda Jazz ad star, Iotto Sharp, Sharp Series Quen, Vitacimin C, Rexona Deo Lotion, and the Top One. In addition Mulan Jameela also starred in several soap title / FTV include: Prima Donna Search for Heaven, Wild Pair, The Bodyguard singers, singers who slandered, Habis Manis Suami dumped, and the same house, but the Enemy.

Mulan Jameela BIODATA:

* Full Name: Terry Raden Tantri Wulansari

* Name Surname: Mulan Jameela

* Birthday: Garut, West Java, August 23, 1982

* Name of Father: R HE Komar

* Mother's Name: Titi Aisha,

* Name of Husband: Harry Nugraha (divorced 2005)

* Name of Child: Tyarani Savitri, Muhammad Aziz Rafly

* Zodiac: Virgo


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